Hope for the Deaf!

The Ghana National Deaf Children’s Society (GNDCS) is a registered national nongovernmental organisation working for the cause of deaf children and their families in Ghana. At GNCDS, the vision is to see deaf children grow up to be responsible adults who will contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of their district, Ghana as a whole ,and even internationally. GNDCS helps organise preventive measures, raise awareness and acceptance for deaf and hard of hearing children and treatment from medicals doctors. On January 22nd, GNDCS held its first outreach program of the year in one of the villages near of the University of Cape Coast Community called Akotokyeir in the Central Region. Over 60 people participated in this program and 3 medical doctors from the University Hospital including Dr Azeer who is an ear specialist and two nurses were there to grace the occasion. The general manger for GNDCS Dora Baaba Aidoo who chaired the program gave the history for the formation for this society. The doctors then followed by explaining ways deafness and hearing loss can affect a child and ways of prevention. Treatments were then offered for free for all those in attendance. In all parents were taught not to shun their wards with these diseases as they not know what they will be in the near future and those with such illness of which the parents could be cared for were ask to come to office for ways to sponsor such children. Our next Outreach Program is scheduled for April 23rd with the location to be determined. For more information and for upcoming events visit our website at www.gndcs.org , email info@gndcs.org , or on Facebook ‘Ghana Deaf Children’.